About us

At Banyan, we believe data should belong exclusively to its owners. Our mission is to give control back to users with a decentralized file storage solution focused on usability and data privacy.

We prioritize our users and their needs.

Meet our Team

Claudia Richoux
CEO & Founder

With years of experience in cybersecurity and cryptography auditing, Claudia has worked on security tooling, auditing, and cryptography research at Trail of Bits and development on Filecoin at Protocol Labs.

Tim Yong
BD Lead

Tim brings over 10 years of enterprise consulting experience working with large organizations like CEDA International, Paladin Security, and the City of Calgary. As the founder of Isotechnics and Vault 32, Tim brings expertise in acquiring SMB and enterprise customers, operations, and customer success.

Sam Stelfox
Engineering Lead

Sam brings 14 years of experience as a software engineer and 10 as a team manager. As a SysAdmin and Network Engineer, he has helped build globally distributed and replicated filtered DNS services.

Sam Grone
Product Lead

Sam Grone brings 13 years of experience in B2C and B2B product development, project management, and Agile best practices across Amazon, RetailMeNot, Compass, and Upshot NFTs.

Olive Gardner
Marketing & Operations Lead

With a degree in Philosophy from UChicago and a background in radio/podcasting and political reporting, Olive brings writing and artistic skills to the team.

Alex Miller
Software Engineer

Alex, a graduate of UChicago's Computer Science program, brings a technical background and a deep understanding of the complexities of computer systems to Banyan.

Vera Gonzalez
Software Engineer

With a degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, Vera brings a solid grounding in modern software development practices and algorithms, bolstering Banyan's technical prowess.

Our culture

Our mission is ambitious, and we can't get there without motivated, passionate people. We aim high and come up with creative solutions to meet our goals.


We value those who can bring expertise to our work, whether by offering their own knowledge or by consulting outside experts and bringing that understanding back to their work at Banyan.


We value those who offset the seriousness they bring to their work with a silly side. We love to sing in the office (or at karaoke) and play online chess with remote team members. We are also pet-friendly (2 dogs and counting!).


Be part of our unique and diverse team.

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