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Infrastructure Program


Help Banyan provide infrastructure across the globe—and make more money off your storage capacity. Run and maintain Banyan node in your data center, and get competitive rates that create a new sources of revenue.

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Here's what you can expect from us by providing storage on Banyan:
Create incremental revenue
Run Banyan node in your data center, and take advantage of competitive per-TB monthly rates.
Improve cash
Provide your storage space and services on Banyan, and we'll pay you a set amount each month—whether it gets used or not.
Get the confidence of knowing that income, operations, and storage usage will remain consistent and reliable.
You'll help us:
Run our
As a partner, you'll help run Banyan node on a dedicated server to ensure our clients' data is reliably stored and managed.
Stay up-to-date and secure
We'll provide operational guidelines for system updates and security protocols, so you can ensure data is safe from harm.
Deliver operational services
You'll execute operational tasks like sealing/unsealing data and promptly responding to client requests.
Maintain SLAs (Service Level Agreements)
You'll ensure that all SLAs are met, assuring consistent performance and data availability for our customers.

Start providing storage space on Banyan.

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