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Partner with us to provide privacy-focused storage solutions to your customers. Extend your company's services by adding Banyan to your offerings.

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Resell Banyan, and step into a world of opportunities:
Sales &
Pitch Banyan to your customers with ease. We provide you with all the necessary materials to make the pitch dead simple.
Bring potential leads, and we'll lend our expertise with pre-sales support. Your customers are our customers.
Benefit from our SP network
Connect with other storage providers, and create new opportunities for your business.

  • Refer a customer to an SP in our network, and get a 20% commission.
  • Get potential deals from other Reseller SPs in the network.
  • Provide multi-replication and multi-regional storage by connecting with other SPs.
Here's what you can expect when you resell Banyan:
Product Development
Compliance: SOC2 and more
Brand Development / Content
Customer Research
Sales and Marketing materials
Pre-sales and Post-sales support
Customer Support
Documentation / User guides
Language Support
Deals coming from other SPs
White label option
You'll help us:
Run our
As a partner, you'll help run Banyan node on a dedicated server to ensure our clients' data is reliably stored and managed.
Stay up-to-date and secure
We'll provide operational guidelines for system updates and security protocols, so you can ensure data is safe from harm.
Deliver operational services
You'll execute operational tasks like sealing/unsealing data and promptly responding to client requests.
Maintain SLAs (Service Level Agreements)
You'll ensure that all SLAs are met, assuring consistent performance and data availability for our customers.
Get new
Expand our customer base and identify potential leads by reselling our software as part of your package.

Start reselling Banyan storage today.

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